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What is a title loan?

Answer: A title loan is a pawn transaction that is secured by your paid off vehicle.

What do I need to qualify for a title loan?

  1. Georgia title (or Surrounding States)
  2. Current Insurance Card
  3. Drivers License
  4. Current Paycheck Stub
  5. Current Lease or Mortgage

How much money can I borrow?

Answer: Bankers Financial will loan up to $20,000.00 on a vehicle. The loan is based on your vehicles value, call us today for a quote 770-455-9039.

How fast can I get the money?

Answer: We usually can have you approved within 30 minutes.

Do I need to have good credit to get a title loan?

Answer: No

Do you check my credit?

Answer: No

How long is the term of the title loan?

Answer: 30 days. When the loan is due, you can make a payment and renew the loan for another 30 days or pay the title loan in full.

Can I pay off the title loan at any time?

Answer: Yes you may

Is there a penalty if I pay the loan off early?

Answer: No penalty

Do I get to keep my car?

Answer: Yes, you continue to drive your vehicle.

How do I get started?

Answer: Call us today 770-455-9039.